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Making SATs easier for students

We know that exams can be stressful at all ages, but the SATs are one of the earliest forms of exams that our young people are getting affected by today. 

With the year 6 SATs week coming to a close, we wanted to write a short blog piece about the importance of making the SATs easier for students. Unfortunately for some we don't mean to make the exam content easier, sorry. What we are aiming for is relieving some of the stress and pressure put upon, and most certainly felt by, pupils across the country. 

But how can we do this? We want our young people to get the best results, surely they need to know the importance of these exams? Well yes, and no. 

There is no denying that the results of the SATs are used across the education sector. They advise secondary schools where to place new starters. They advise the education boards on what exam content works and doesn't, what is current and what is achievable as the years go by. However, we would argue that regardless of the results, the young minds of Britain today deserve the chance to show what they are made of when they get going at Secondary School and should not be labelled by their results in their entirety. 

So what is the answer here? Encouragement. Encouragement and reassurance. Reassurance that whilst these exams are to be taken seriously, there is every chance to show off skills at a later time. 

Of course little actions of kindness and joy across the week are also the answer. We treated our year 6 to an ice cream to celebrate. Some of the other Oasis Academies provided a fresh cooked, healthy breakfast each morning, some were even served to the year 6 by their teachers! 

Lets work together to help our young people achieve, lets help make the SATs easier.