Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Letters to Parents


July 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

As we come to the end of another challenging year for us all I would just like to say a huge thank you for all your support over the last months. The way the children have once again responded to the changing environments is a credit to them and you as their parents. The staff have again stepped up to the high expectations and learning to teach differently as well as care for the pupils and one another, and this has been made easier because of your support and encouragement. Thank you and I hope you have an enjoyable and safe summer.

We have been meeting over the last couple of weeks, trying to digest the continuous changes from the government so that hopefully in September we are able to return to a bit more of normality within school. All changes will be flexible and will be dependant on the covid rates and guidance from Public Health.

Covid-19 precautions over the summer and next term

As you may know, the Government has published new guidance for schools around Covid-19 precautions to come into effect shortly. You can read the guidance here or by searching ‘Schools COVID-19 operational guidance Step 4.’

In September, what precautions will be the same?

Hand Hygiene

Pupils and staff will continue to wash their hands thoroughly and often.

‘Catch it, Bin it, Kill it’

We will continue to follow good hygiene around sneezing, coughing etc, using and then disposing tissues safely.


We will continue to have a thorough cleaning schedule with regular cleaning equipment and a focus on frequently touched areas. We will continue with employing a daytime cleaner.


We will continue to ensure that the school is well ventilated. 

COVID 19 symptoms and positive tests

Pupils and staff must not come to school if they have symptoms of Covid, have had a positive test, or are required to quarantine. If a pupil shows symptoms at school, parents will need to collect them and request a test.

The household (including any symptoms) should follow the Public Health England stay at home guidance for households with possible or confirmed COVID-19 infection.

Risk Assessments

Senior leaders at school will continue to meet at least once a week to assess the risk at school. If necessary and in consultation with Public Health England, we will make changes to our arrangements to increase the precautions we have in place.

Asymptomatic testing

There is no need for primary age pupils (those in year 6 and below) to test over the summer period, or in September. Those staff who consent will continue to take two LFD tests each week at home in the new term until the end of September, when the government will review this.

In September, what precautions are changing?


The government’s new advice explains that they are no longer recommending that it is necessary to keep children in consistent groups (or bubbles). This means that assemblies will be able to resume (we will introduce these in year groups rather than whole school and monitor the impact) Lunch service can return to something like normal and we will return to normality within the dining halls.

We will spend some time over the summer considering what will work best around pupils moving around the academy. It is a requirement of the new guidance that we can quickly move back to bubbles should positive cases rise within the academy or in our local community.

Start and end of the school day

We will be returning to normal times at the start and end of the day.

8.50am-9.00am soft start, registration is at 9.00am, and all children will finish at 3.15pm

P.E Days

Children will be able to bring their P.E kits in a bag and get changed at school.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club admittance is from 8.00am – 8.30am and is currently restricted to working parents. Please ensure that you book a place in advance. This will be reviewed at October half term.

Tracing close contacts and isolation

After the 19th July 2021 schools will not be responsible for contact tracing. Instead NHS Test and Trace will contact the family of the pupil with a confirmed case to identify who they have been in close contact with.

In addition, from September 2021 children under the age of 18 will not be required to self-isolate if they are a close contact of a confirmed case. Instead they will be contacted by NHS Test and Trace and advised to take a PCR Test.

Free school meals across the summer break

Free school meals will be provided across the summer break by the Local Authority. It will be the Local Authority that will contact you and send the vouchers. This is no longer the responsibility of the school.

As ever this is a lot of information, but we wanted to provide you with a full update. We are of course pleased that some of the COVID-19 precautions are reducing, however we will only open safely if everyone continues to take the pandemic seriously.

Children must only come to school if they are well, and everyone is responsible for following all precautions that remain in place. As is clear in the guidance, we as a school will be prepared to reintroduce further COVID-19 precautions should it be necessary and we are advised to by Public Health England.

I hope you have an enjoyable break and I look forward to seeing you all in September.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs T Norriss

Executive Principal


Services For Families Summer 2021

At Oasis Academy Henderson Avenue, we are committed in supporting all of our students and their families during the summer holidays. If you feel that anyone in your family needs to talk to someone, seek support from a service or find out more details on what is available, we hope the providers listed below will help address your needs.

• If a child is at immediate high risk, phone the Police.

• For serious concerns, phone North Lincolnshire Children’s Services.

• For support from specific agencies, refer to the contact sheet by clicking on the link below.

• If you still have a serious concern, you can also get in touch with Oasis during the Summer holidays via the Oasis National office 020 7921 4200.

Please click on the link below for services available over the summer holiday period:

Services For Families Summer 2021