Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Letters to Parents


Dear parents and carers,

Update on Covid-19

I am writing to update families on the current Covid 19 situation in school.

As you are aware, we informed you of an emerging outbreak of Covid within the academy earlier this week. We put in place immediate enhanced precautions. Since then, we have been in constant communication with both Oasis and Public Health.

The outbreak continues to be largely centred in a couple of year groups. However, despite these enhanced measures over the last week, positive cases have continued to rise. There are now also some cases in other years. We thank parents for being so vigilant and informing school of both positive LFT and PCR tests. This helps us to act quickly.

Today we have held further meetings with Public Health, Oasis and Health and Safety and reviewed our risk assessment again following their latest advice.

From Monday 17th January the whole school will revert to the class bubble system that was in place earlier in the pandemic. Staff will be limited to working within one class as much as possible and the movement around school will be restricted.

Lunch will be taken in bubbles within the hall.

Playtimes will be staggered so that classes do not mix and the playground will be split up for each class to access.

Children will go back to sanitising their hands before entering the building (If your child is unable to have hand sanitiser, please let the member of staff know on the door, we have ordered some non-alcoholic hand sanitiser).

We will not be able to have visitors within school, next week, and ask if parents need to speak to someone within school please can you consider phoning or using Class Dojo.

The most significant strategy for reducing the transmission is ventilation so we are ensuring we have plenty of ventilation around the academy as well as carbon dioxide monitors and we are sourcing air ventilation units.

We are upset that these measures have had to be taken but we must do all that we can to minimise the outbreak further and would like to reassure parents that we are following our risk assessment thoroughly and continually monitoring the situation.

We appreciate there are lots of cold and bugs around during the winter but if you are unsure whether your child is ill or not please can you take them for a PCR test.

Thank you Our aim is to ensure our pupils, staff and yourselves are safe and well and we are doing everything we can to ensure this happens.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Mrs T. Norriss