Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Letters to Parents

31st March 2021

Dear parents,

I do hope you are keeping well. We have made it through another very challenging term and one that we really hope we do not have to repeat. I know the majority of our children have worked extremely hard both throughout lockdown and on their return to school full time, for that I want to say a huge thank you to them for being absolute stars. Whenever we have found ourselves flagging, it is your children that have kept us going. Their positivity and enthusiasm has given us a real energy boost. I do hope you are also proud of them for what they have achieved this term.

Yesterday some children were sent home with activity packs. These were provided as part of the Free School Meal Voucher scheme by North Lincs Council. They were delivered to school late Friday afternoon so the only way they could go out in time for families to receive vouchers, for the Easter, were with the children. I have listened to some concerns and will be discussing them with the relevant people within the council.

The kitchen staff have asked me to let you know that there will be a new menu after the Easter holidays. This can now be found on our website.

At the start of next term the staff will be looking at improving communication to parents. I will be sending out a questionnaire at the beginning of the summer term but in the meantime if you have any suggestions please feel free to talk to me on the playground.

As we move into the summer term, we hope the weather changes for the better and we can start getting back to some kind of normality within the school diary. But, as the school term comes to an end, we ask that the school books are put away and that you and your family enjoy the break and we look forward to seeing our pupils back safe and well on the 20th April.

Kind regards

Tracey Norriss

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23rd March 2021

Advice to All Parents - Single case

Dear Parents,

We have been made aware today of a member of our school community who has tested positive for COVID 19. The person in question has not been in school since last week and was not symptomatic when in school. The advice from Public Health England is that we need to take no further action other than the action we are already taking.

We ask all our community in the interest of Public Health, if anyone within your family has any of the Covid symptoms to get tested either at one of the main testing centres or to send for or collect a lateral flow test.

Thank you for your understanding and stay safe.

Further Information Further information is available at

Kind regards

Tracey Norriss







17th March 2021

Dear parents/carers

As the current pandemic continues we are aware of how challenging financially the last 12 months have been for lots of us, with many parents being furloughed or unable to find work.

At this present moment we do not want to add to that pressure so have made a decision not to ask for contributions towards red nose day this year.

To compensate for not fund raising on Friday we have agreed that later on in the summer term we will have a charity day. This will involve our children making the decisions on what activities they would like to do during the day and which charities their donations go to. This will make it more personal and local to the community.

We request that children come in normal school uniform on Friday. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Just to make you aware there will be a training day on Monday 19th April and the children will return after the Easter break on Tuesday 20th April.

Kind regards

Tracey Norriss.

Term Dates 20/21



12th March 2021

Dear Parents

We wanted to write a quick note to you to say a huge thank you to everyone for supporting the successful return to Henderson Avenue this week.

From Nursery to Year 6, the children have been so excited to see their friends and have enjoyed chatting and playing with one another. From a staff point of view, it has brought smiles to our faces to hear the playgrounds full of laughter and playing again.

The majority of the children have worked hard during lockdown and this has been reflected within their work this week in school.  Staff have had conversations with them about their learning and the pupils have enthusiastically joined in.

Within class they have worked so hard and, as the week comes to an end, we can see they are tired but happy.

We really hope that this is the start of the return to normal for everyone and the last thing that we want is a Covid outbreak and children having to isolate at home or indeed another local or national lockdown.

We appreciate that the vast majority of parents are working with us and we thank you for following our guidelines. We are hoping these will keep us all safe.

Please can we remind you to pick your children up on time. Staff often have meetings after school and they will be late to their meeting if the children are not picked up. If it is an emergency and you know you will be late, please contact the office so that arrangements can be made for your child. 

We would also like to remind parents that pupils should only have water in their water bottles and not juice of any kind. If children would like fresh fruit in their water for some flavouring that is fine.

 We hope you all have a lovely weekend.

 From the staff at Oasis Academy Henderson Avenue.






  2nd March 2021

Dear parents and carers,

  Primary March Return  - Note on additional arrangements

Please see below further detail around the arrangements we will have in place at the Academy to reduce risk when every pupil returns on Monday 8th March. You will note that these are very similar to the arrangements we had in place in September.

If there is anything further you would like to ask please do not hesitate to phone the school office on 01724 842518 and either myself or a member of staff will be happy to talk to you. Thank you

I appreciate there is a lot of detail below but I wanted to share it with you and be able to show that as an academy we are trying to do everything we can to keep our community safe.

Kind regards Mrs. Norriss

Please click on the link below for more information



1st March 2021

Dear parents and carers,

Primary – March Return

I am writing to you today with the great news that all schools have been asked by the Government to prepare to open, with all pupils required to attend school from Monday 8th March.

As always, our priority is the safety and wellbeing of the children, your family, and our staff. In this letter I will briefly explain how we will be re-opening safely.

Tomorrow I will be sending out in-depth explanation of how we, as a school, will be set up to prevent the potential spread of the coronavirus (lots of these measures are the same as when we were last open to all pupils), and a reminder of what to do if your child develops symptoms.

Please note that if your child is well and does not have symptoms, attending school from 8th March is required. We will of course be supporting the pupils as they return, ensuring that they are comfortable and confident with all the arrangements we have in place.

Summary of Measures

Our preparations closely follow the guidance from the Government. You can read the advice by searching for ‘DfE What parents need to know during COVID-19.’

The best way for us to control the virus is by putting in place measures to prevent it spreading in school. Tomorrow I will send in-depth details but in short it means: 

  • We have completed a detailed risk assessment which has been reviewed by the academy’s local health and safety committee.  Everyone washing their hands well, and more often
  • Everyone following ‘Catch it, bin it, kill it’ when blowing their nose  Us cleaning the school, and areas where lots of people are (like the dining area), more often
  •  Class groups being made into ‘bubbles’, where children only interact with limited staff and classmates  A staggered start to school for each year group to minimise mixing
  • For primary-aged pupils, there is no in-class social distancing required. However, we are implementing a no touching policy from year 2 upwards (no hugging, high fives, hand holding etc.)
  • If your child has a school-issued laptop or iPad, they are required to bring it back to school, fully charged on the first day back.

Start and end times dependent on year group

Each year group will have a different start and finish time. It is important pupils are dropped off in their allotted time slot so as not to contact pupils outside of their bubble. Please be aware of social distancing whilst dropping off your children and picking them up, and do not gather close to the school gates. If possible, please wear a face-covering when on school site or close to other parents and families.              

Year group    Arrival time           End time                           Enter via

Nursery           8.40-8.45 to 11.45         12.30 to 15.30      Nursery entrance

Reception       8.55-9.00             15.00                              Foundation doors

Year 1              8.45-8.50             15.05                             Classroom door

Year 2              8.55-9.00             15.15                             Classroom door

Year 3              8.45-8.50             15.05                              Year 3 and 4 entrance

Year 4              8.55-9.00             15.15                              Year 3 and 4 entrance

Year 5              8 .50-8.55            15.10                              Year 5 and 6 entrance

Year 6              9.05-9.10             15.25                              Year 5 and 6 entrance

Thank you for your ongoing support of the staff and the Academy. To open safely, we will need everyone to continue to follow all the safety measures carefully. I will write again tomorrow, after more meetings today, and I am looking forward to meeting you all next week.

Until 8th March we continue to welcome children of critical workers and those identified as vulnerable at school, and will support all other children with their remote learning. We look forward to being back together again soon.

Yours sincerely,

Tracey Norriss.




















































Oasis Academy Henderson Avenue were pleased to take delivery this morning of hampers for pupils receiving free school meals or universal free school meals.  These will be available for collection over the next couple of day.  Please look out for a text message with details of the times you are able to collect the hampers. The contents of the hampers are to provide 1 meal per day for 1 child for 10 school days.  See photo below for contents of hamper.




Covid-19 Letter to Parents 12th January 2021

Dear Parents,

This is not the Happy New Year letter I was hoping to send you this time last week. How quickly things change! Last Monday the staff were carrying out a training day looking forward to welcoming your child back to school and within twelve hours they had closed the school, contacted parents, arranged for specific children to return and place all learning on line. I appreciate this was a difficult time for you and you must have been anxious trying to arrange child care and wondering what was happening so thank you for your patience and understanding.

Firstly I would like to introduce myself, I am Mrs Tracey Norriss, the new Principal at Oasis Academy Henderson Avenue. I would have liked to introduce myself on the playground but unfortunately lockdown put pay to that. I have been a head teacher for thirteen years now at two other schools but have worked alongside the staff at Henderson Avenue within the role as Principal at Oasis Academy Parkwood so I feel I already know something about the school and its community. I was extremely honoured to accept the position of Principal and feel like I have a connection to Henderson Avenue as my dad came to this school when he was young. I am trying to meet as many pupils as I can through either seeing them in school or by attending their class Teams meetings. Fingers crossed we will all be back in the academy soon and we can say hello properly.

This time during lockdown there is a more focused directive from the Department for Education based around pupils accessing learning. We have to report weekly figures to the Local Authority, Oasis and the Department of Education on how many pupils are accessing learning. I appreciate that this expectation may cause you some concern as some of our pupils do not have their own device or you are trying to work from home too. We will support, as always, in areas that we can.

·         Firstly, do not panic!! We are trying to plan learning that can be done at any time that suits you. We have had chats with parents asking can they do the work at weekends when they are not working, yes that is fine as long as you remember to upload it.

·         If you cannot do all of it please just try to do some of it and do not feel guilty about the pieces missed.

·         The work set should be set at a level that the children are able to access it on their own with minimal support from you.

·         We would love the older children to access their TEAM meetings and lessons as this will help as the teacher can support with their learning rather than you having to help.

Oasis are providing all children with their own iPads. We were not due to get ours until May but we have asked for them earlier and they are seeing what they can do. We will endeavour to get as many devices as we can out to families to support online learning. (Ordering of new iPads for every child is a huge logistic operation as all schools are trying to get additional devices)

Live Lessons.

Our live lessons will take place on Teams and a huge thank you to all children who have joined our TEAMS meetings so far last week. It was great to see the huge uptake and them using it confidently to support their learning. This week there will be some live lessons taking place, hopefully if your child is in the older year groups they will be able to access them but if not they will be recorded for them to access at a later time.

Keeping In touch Calls.

Last time we made Keeping in touch calls to our children to have a chat and see if they were okay. We are going to continue to do this, the DFE have also requested this time we keep a log of children we are in contact with. To try to accommodate this with the online learning and not to keep bothering you we will be phoning less if your child is accessing the online learning. This is because we know that they are okay and managing their work. These calls may pop up as London numbers due to staff using skype for business.

Children in school.

I didn’t expect the announcement on Monday evening, it came as a shock to all of us that schools would be closed. School is officially closed and is now running on a much smaller staff within the building. (Staff are still working from home to provide the remote learning) Those in school are teaching face to face and remotely to the rest of their class. We would love to have every child back with us and can’t wait until they are, it’s easier and normal to have everyone back. Unfortunately we have been told that the school is closed and we can only open for a limited number of children.
The North Lincs Director for Education has asked me to relay this message to all parents,

To help prevent the spread of Covid-19, schools are closed to most pupils and are providing remote learning instead.

The only children that must be in school are those with a social worker or an ‘education, health and care plan’. All other children should remain at home.

It may be possible for your child to have some time in school if you work in health, social care, emergency services or other jobs deemed critical in the response to Covid-19. Even if you are in one of these roles, please think carefully about whether you really need a school place at this time.

Stay home – Protect the NHS – Save Lives

I appreciate for some of you this will cause you some issues but we cannot have every child back. If you are working from home we have been asked to request that you keep your child at home to keep everyone safe and allow the places to be taken by those who are unable to work from home. I have also been asked to remind you that you are able to set up child care bubbles with others if this helps. None of the above is ideal, the ideal would be to have every child back.

A huge thankyou to all of our parents who have worked with us over the last week, we will continue to work with you and support in every way we can. Together we can make this time less stressful for our pupils and families and I sincerely hope it is not long before I see you all on the playground soon.

Take care, keep safe and contact us if you need anything.

Yours sincerely

Mrs T. Norriss (Principal)