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The Royal Visit in Year 1

This term, we have been learning about The Royal Family and particularly, Queen Elizabeth the second. 
We had a very royal visit from the Queen of Oasis Academy Henderson Avenue who is a dear friend of our Queen. She answered a lot of the questions that we wrote to ask Queen Elizabeth the second. 

We learnt so many interesting facts like:

She has 2 birthdays
Her four children are Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward.
After her father passed away, she became Queen.
Elizabeth has been the longest reigning monarch of the UK.
When it was World War 2 she hid the crown jewels in a cave in Wales.
She has many important jobs such as being in charge of the armed forces. 

Later on we learnt about key events that happened in her life and produced some amazing time lines to show what year they happened in. We have looked closely at The Royal Family and who is in it and how they are related to the Queen.  

After the holidays we are going to be looking at the Queen’s cars and carriages, we are going to design and make her a new one and we will be inviting our families in to help us when we get to the making stage.