Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

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EU Settlement Scheme Support

Dear Oasis Academy School Team,

I am writing from Citizens Advice in Lincolnshire as part of the EU Settlement Scheme Support team. We are funded by the Home Office to provide support with the scheme in the Lincolnshire County, Part of this work includes promoting the scheme in the local Scunthorpe area to ensure that EU, EEA, and Swiss nationals and their families are aware of the scheme and that they need to apply for it.  

Working together going forward

We appreciate the announcement tonight will cause you some anxieties. Please be reassured we will work closely together with you to move forward and make sure our children feel safe.

Covid Reminder Letter

I hope this letter finds you well during this continued unprecedented period. I am writing to you today to remind you of our COVID-19 procedures in relation to suspected symptoms and confirmed cases. 

Oasis Horizons

Dear Parent / Carer,  

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to you today regarding an exciting project that every student will be a part of this year at Oasis Academy Henderson Avenue, called Oasis Horizons.

Oasis Horizons will provide every student and teaching staff member with an iPad for use in, and outside of school while they are a member of the Oasis Academy Henderson Avenue family. Due to the size of the project it will take a little while for the iPads to be prepared and distributed.  We will receive the devices in the Spring or Summer term 2021.  In this letter I will be explaining the reasons behind the project. 

Providing each student with an iPad is the third element of a wider plan being implemented by the Oasis Learning family of 52 schools.  The first part of the plan was to develop our curriculum offer so that students have real choice to high quality content that they are excited to learn about, and this work is continuing.  The second aspect was to offer support and guidance to staff to enable the best possible teaching, and across the country we now have subject experts who focus on how we can best teach every subject.  The third and final part of the plan is Oasis Horizons, which will make online learning accessible for everyone.

Face coverings/access to the academy site

Dear Parents/Carers

Face coverings/access to the academy site

Given the rise in COVID cases across the country, the leaders of Oasis Community Learning have decided that parents and other family members should not be allowed in the academy building for any reason.

Where parents, carers or older siblings come onto school site (ie. through school gates) they are also expected to wear a face mask. This must start from tomorrow, Tuesday 6th October.

Whole Oasis Sumdog Competition

Oasis Community Learning and Sumdog have partnered to do the first-ever whole family Multi AcademyTrust National Maths contest from 5th June until 11th June 2020.  Make sure you get involved!