Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Year 5


Curriculum 2018

This is the year when children will learn about how society, its structure, achievements and legacies.

As historians children will be learning about today’s society, using sources of evidence to compare and contrast the lives of some of today’s richest and poorest people, how they live and make a living and their lifestyles. They will then travel back in time to find evidence about how society began to develop and form social structures. They will develop an understanding of how this has affected the lives of different groups of people through history, at the same time as learning that no single source of evidence gives the full answer to questions about the past.  Alongside this they will explore some of the big achievements and legacies of civilizations throughout history, such as the construction of magnificent buildings and invention of technologies that have transformed our lives, and great cultural legacies such as the Bible and creation of democracy.








This is the year when children take a journey to the Land of the Free.

As geographers children will learn about the continent of North America, from the iconic Stars and Stripes of the USA, the Statue of Liberty, its awesome city landscapes and its alligator-infested bayous, to the icy tundra of Alaska and Canada, and the vibrant, colourful and arid landscapes of Mexico.  They will describe and understand key aspects of the continent’s physical and human geography, and compare and contrast it with the UK.

They will take a journey around the continent, and using maps, atlases and online resources, find out about the countries, capitals, cities, landmarks and wildlife within this vast continent. They will learn about mountain ranges, arid deserts, the Great Lakes and rivers and the amazing landscapes, wildlife and plant life of the National Parks.  They will gain an understanding of some of the scarier aspects of America’s geography, such as Tornado Alley, the San Andreas Fault Line and active volcanoes, and how these affect people’s everyday lives and activities.

They will study the lives of different groups and diverse cultures of American people, how they have shaped the land into states and cities, the impact of everyday human and economic activity and how countries and geographical regions are interconnected and interdependent.








This is the year of electrical systems:

Children will apply their knowledge of circuits to the world of design. They will need to draw upon their understanding of structures and mechanisms to create the frameworks for electrical systems. They’ll understand some of the restrictions of electrical and human power and some of the exciting possibilities- taking inspiration from innovators like Elon Musk and his quest to develop electric cars. Children will experiment with the concepts of electrical and mechanical engineering. Of course, they’ll fail, feel frustration and experience breakthroughs as they chart their growing understanding across the year.







P.E Days

Outdoor Kit Indoor Kit
White top White top
Black/blue shorts Black/blue shorts
Trainers Plimsolls/trainers
Grey/black/navy hoodie Grey/black/navy hoodie


  • Reading – Please read at least 5 times a week.
  • Spellings – Tested every other Friday (alternating with PE)
  • Times tables – By the end of Year children are expected to know all of the times table up to x12. Please learn and be confident with each as there will be regular tests at school!
  • Brain Builders – Given out regularly with a due date. Please hand in promptly