Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Year 4

This is the year of transport and trade:

This is the year children will look at the many different types of transport which we have today, all over the world, including exciting plans to take passengers into space.  Children will discover how everyday goods and resources are traded around the world. 

Travelling back in time, children will explore the development of transport and trade in world history from the Stone Age through to the present day, including the importance of sea travel after 1066.  Through historical research, children will find out about the most important items traded throughout history as well as the movement of troops during different historical periods. 




This is the year of ‘The Arts’:

This is the year children will develop and appreciation for world famous and local artists, including their impact on society.  They will look at art in British history, beginning with cave art and ending in modern day Britain.  Children will explore some of the big art movements of Tudor times and modern day Britain.  Children will be amazed by; the art, jewellery, plants and vases of ancient civilisations.  Links will be made to the study of music and dance through time, including the development of musical instruments. 





This is the year of Eurovision!

As geographers children will find out about some of the most exciting and beautiful places on the continent of Europe. They will explore the vast range of foods and cultures, look at the varying weather and climate including the difference between northern and southern Europe and compare and contrast the United Kingdom with other parts of the continent. They will name and locate various countries across Europe and counties and cities within the UK. Describing key aspects of the physical and human geography of Europe they will investigate how and why changes have occurred over time.