Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Year 3

This is the year of language:

This is the year where children will explore how storytellers have passed on information for centuries through spoken word and writing.  Children will discover how people have worked together, communicating through signals and gestures and later in words, looking back in history as far as the Stone Age and comparing to multicultural Britain today, including regional dialect.  Gradually, they will move through the historical time zones exploring early writing implements and the alphabets of the ancient civilisations.  They will continue their studies looking at the impact this has had upon the various ways language has developed sine 1066.  




This is the year of buildings:

This is the year where children will look at some of the most famous and fantastic buildings around the world comparing similarities and differences through the ages and their influences on modern buildings within our local area.  They will travel back in time to discover and analyse how the earliest people in Britain (hunters-gatherers) travelled around and made homes wherever they could.  They will study the designs and materials of the first permanent buildings, how these have developed over centuries and the impact of the Roman invasion.  Children will work as historians to piece together evidence by looking at a range of sources and artefacts. 







This is the year of the ‘Land of Hope and Glory’:

This is the year where children will explore the changes that have taken place in the United Kingdom, through industry.  Children will look at how regenerated disused sites have created momentous places, such as the Olympic Park in London, and the impact they have had upon the local area.  Children will compare aspects of physical and human features of the United Kingdom with other European countries, studying their cultures and practices.  As geographers, children will develop their understanding through investigating the foods, languages, governments, monarchies, national days and festivals, weather and climate and major sporting events in Europe. 








All of the Year 3 team are incredibly appreciative of the support you give your child in undertaking these tasks. If you need any help in doing so, don’t hesitate to ask your child’s class teacher. Thank you!

Bug Club

Your child has access to their own personal account (using their own login details) on the brilliant online reading world of Bug Club. Accessible via various online devices like laptops, iPads and tablets, Bug Club is an online library of popular print books and comics that rewards children for answering questions on what they have read with lots of fun games and activities.

You can safely access Bug Club by clicking on this link: Active Learning Primary


Children require their PE Kit on the following days:

  • Tuesday: Outdoor Kit
  • Thursday: Indoor Kit
  • Friday: Outdoor Kit

We recommend that children bring both indoor and outdoor kit for the week on Monday morning – leaving it at the Academy until home time Friday.

PE Kit consists of the following

Indoor Kit Outdoor Kit
White top White top
Blue/black sorts Blue/black shorts
Plimsolls/trainers Trainers
  Grey/black/navy jogging bottoms
  Grey/black/navy hoodie

All of the children will be required to remove or tape up earrings and tie back long hair