Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Year 1

This is the year of great and ghastly events.

As historians children will explore some big events from British and world history, discovering that some were great and some were ghastly. They will start by learning about how they fit in their own personal history, learning about important events in their own lifetime, such as family events and starting school, and about historical events  They will then go on to learn about some significant events in British and world history, including major world conflicts. As the year progresses they will build an overview of world history, and the chronology of the events they have studied. They will also investigate the history of events and celebrations in their own community and across the world.









This is the year when children will learn about the amazing places and spaces in the UK.

As geographers children will start their voyage of discovery by studying their local area, learning about some of its most interesting features and wildlife. They will learn to ask and answer geographical questions and use maps, atlases and on-line resources in order to explore some of the amazing geographical places, locations and monuments across the UK.  They will use basic geographical vocabulary to describe the human and physical features they discover. Over the year the children will learn the importance of the national days of each country and why they are celebrated.