Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Foundation One

F1 Home - School Link Book

Home – School books are sent home at the end of the week with simple tasks to carry out over the weekend. Please return the books the first day back so we can share your child’s work with the rest of their group. The children very much enjoy sharing their work this way, as it gives them a great sense of achievement.

Please feel free to add to the book at home. You might want to mention activities they have been doing at home, such as visiting a farm or going on holiday.

Other things to practise at home that will help your child in school:

  • Share books together, any books they are interested in! This helps them develop an interest in reading
  • Ask them to think about letters in their name, look for them on signs and labels
  • Count! Anything can be counted: toys, clothes, food, anything!
  • Look for numbers on cars and street signs, numbers are everywhere