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Investors in Pupils

At Oasis Academy Henderson Avenue we are very proud of our children's achievements, both individually and the part they play in their class and the wider Academy. We encourage them at every opportunity to take responsibility for their learning and to be involved in decisions about the Academy environment, for example through the Academy Council.

The Investors In Pupils award embodies many of the goals that we are striving to achieve at Oasis Academy Henderson Avenue, and as such we believe working towards this award will further enhance the experience and skills we aim to equip our children with.

This web page explains how we are delivering our Investors In Pupils policies. There is also a section for children who are new to Oasis Academy Henderson Avenue to help them in a fun way understand a little more about us.

I hope that you find this web page both informative and enjoyable.

How we Invest in our Pupils

We aim to empower all our children to take personal responsibility, to increase their motivation and contribution to Academy life and the standards they aim to achieve throughout the Key Stages as they progress through the Academy.


We expect the highest standards of behaviour and each class has a class charter or mission statement. These are developed and agreed in consultation with the children and are clearly visible in all classrooms. We strongly believe that children have a right to learn and teachers have a right to teach.

We operate a positive behaviour policy, which aims to teach, encourage and reward good behaviour and sanction inappropriate behaviour.

The children are involved in developing our class charters or mission statements. These are discussed annually with the children and are clearly visible in all classrooms as part of our Investor in Pupils displays.

Not only are the children involved in the development of our class charters and mission statements but they are also involved in ensuring that we abide by them.

Some of the roles our children undertake and rewards given are:
  • Buddies - at playtime and lunchtime they help children have a good time and befriend children who are on their own
  • Lunch time Stars – helping younger children at lunchtime both in the dining hall and on the playground
  • Office Assistants
  • Members of the Academy Council
  • Peer Mentors – helping children solve disagreements with restorative practice
  • House Captains
  • Head Boy and Head Girl
  • We reward good behaviour by
  • Mentioning the child's success in class during registration or other appropriate times
  • House points being allocated
  • Giving the children certificates or stickers
  • Receiving Star of the Day note home
  • Merits
  • Star of the Week assembly and tea party with the Principal
  • Giving our children in class Golden Time on a Friday

Members of our pastoral team, which include Learning Mentors, are specifically trained to work with children with behavioural or emotional problems. Members of our pastoral team have worked for the Academy for a number of years and are very familiar faces to parents and pupils alike, and implement a number of support programmes in `The Hut` and `The Sunshine Room`. Mrs Mitchell (Family and Attendance Adviser) is available support any parental concern at home or at the Academy. Mrs Whiteside and Mr Stroud are available for child protection and safeguarding concerns. We work extremely closely with external agencies to provide high quality support and intervention as required.

Children contribute to the policies and practices within the Academy through student council, pupil questionnaires, PASS (Pupils Attitudes to School and Self) survey and the Primary Life Style review.

Learning, including target setting

We are committed to fostering a love of learning, encouraging children to achieve in all areas, enabling them to become creative, confident, responsible citizens of the future.

Each of our classes has a mission statement which the children help to develop.

Learning Targets

Each class has learning targets which are recorded in children’s Learning Passport.

Along with the class targets each of our children have personal targets that are set with their class teacher and regularly reviewed. Success in achieving these targets is celebrated in our classrooms and assemblies.

Attendance and punctuality

Regular attendance at school is vital, if children are to be successful in their work and happy within the school environment.

Each week each classes attendance is monitored and displayed in the classroom and in corridors. Each week we celebrate the class with the best attendance in assembly, encouraging our children to work as a team.

Children who achieve 100% attendance over the term receive certificates and those who achieve 100% over the year receive badges and certificates.

Mrs Mitchell is available to support families with any attendance concerns.

In the Classroom and School Management

Each class has two representatives on our academy council who are elected by them. The School Council meets regularly to discuss ways to improve our children's academy environment. Our School Council have taken part in assemblies to raise the awareness of the work that they do and represented the Academy at numerous local events. The School Council visited the Houses of Parliament in 2013 and met Members of Parliament.

As part of our assemblies we invite our staff to talk to the children about what they do in school and allow the children to ask questions.

Our class books help our children understand the different roles of members of staff in school, particularly those new to the academy to identify which member of staff performs which role.

To help our children to understand budgeting and financial matters Year 6 children have interviewed the Academy business manager and delivered an assembly to the rest of the academy as well as producing a display sharing their findings.

Induction of New Staff & Pupils

All new children will have a class buddy who will show them around the school and be there to help them get familiar with our school routine. On your first day you will be given class Investors in Pupils book that helps you find out who the teachers and support staff are, what day is your swimming & PE day, who you can speak to if you have any worries, what clubs we have.

All children are also given their class book which will help them identify some of the places in Oasis Academy Henderson Avenue as well as the staff, children and other important things they will need to know to help them quickly feel at home here. Every child in school has a safe guarding card with identifies adults they can go to if they have a problem.

Our staff are given an induction meeting with a senior member of staff and a tour of the school and the staff handbook containing detailed information about our school policies and procedures, in particular behaviour, safe guarding and child protection.

We actively encourage our staff to identify areas for professional development that they feel will help them in their work at Oasis Academy Henderson Avenue.