Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Geography Home Learning Links

Dear children, parents and carers,                             


Although school is closed, we still want you to have access to high-quality geographical based learning and enjoy learning about the local area, the world around us and the different people who live in it.

To help you further your geographical learning, please take a look at the links below, which are all FREE!

On this website you can learn more about people, places, the environment, the water cycle and the weather. There are use video clips, fact files and quizzes to answer. There are many fun games you can play on here and there is a kids club page for you to enjoy.

You can sign up for a free account so you can access free downloads

On this website, you can read facts about all the different 7 continents of the world. There are many different mas you can look at on here and you can even delve deeper into the continents and learn more about individual countries.

On here there are some online games you can access too to test your knowledge of where places are in the world.

A useful online website with lots of colourful games, you play games based on the 7 continents, 5 oceans, flags and different biomes located around the world.


Where on google earth is Carmen San Diego?

Follow the clues and travel around the world to see where Carmen has taken her stolen jewels to?

A great mapping game where you have a number of seconds to try and guess what country you are looking at from a choice of 4 – aimed at KS2 children - age appropriate games based on Barnaby bear and his travels - age appropriate games based on different curriculum areas in KS2

Barnaby Bear video clips where children can watch and learn about different places around the UK.

More online games for all ages 

Youtube channels

Watch informative videos on what you have covered already in school so far or what other geographical tops interests you.

National geographic for kids

Geography for kids

National geographic foe kids UK