Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Art and Design Home Learning

Dear children, parents and carers, 

Although school is closed, we still want you to have access to high-quality Art resources, pictures, images and places to photograph. We know this is a difficult time but if you have pencils, paper or crayons, you can recreate most of these pieces of art at home. To help you and to provide online access to Art for every age, please take a look at the links below all FREE! 


Twinkl – Twinkl are providing you with a free membership to their online resources, which you can access and print at home. Follow the simple steps for signing up for a month free.

Student Guide – This is a website which provides art skills and ideas for you to follow at home with your children.

Pinterest – Go onto Pinterest, which is on the internet or an app you can download on IPhones/Androids and look up various art ideas to do at home.

Jumpstart – This is a website with free resources and ideas for you to explore for free. There are also printable resources available if you have a printer.

Oil Painting – This is a website where you can look at pictures and recreate them with pastels/crayons if you have them.

My Modern MET – This website gives you access to pictures from local museums where you can recreate art from the artists own Art.

Google Art Project – Various art inspired by artists is available on this site for you to have a look through.

Kinder Art – This is examples of art that can be recreated by a foundation stage or key stage 1 child.

Arts Project for Kids – This is a website with Art resources available for children.

Arts for Kids hub – This is videos on You tube to help with art for children through video tutorials.

Local Art when you have access to the outdoors

Central Park – Take a walk in your local area so that you can see the natural environment and take pictures and recreate art.

Normanby Hall – Visit the local grounds and take a walk to see the beautiful landscape and natural environments.

Steelworkers Statue – Take a picture of the steelworker’s statue and recreate this using pencils or crayons.

Churches – If you see a church on your walk around the local area, you could take pictures and recreate it with various art resources.