Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Early Years

Welcome to the Foundation Stage

Our teachers are highly skilled and caring and want to make the time your child spends with us as enjoyable as possible. Please do come and talk to us if you have any concerns or if you want to share your child’s achievements at home with us. The partnership that we have with parents is very important to us. We will always maintain positive and respectful relationships with children and families.

Our teaching staff are:                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Nursery-Mrs McCullion
F2T-Miss Taylor
F2BG-Miss Brown and Mrs Gaffney
F2D-Mr Davey and Mrs Dewa

Within the Foundation Stage we encourage children to engage in a variety of activities. As they learn through a carefully balanced mix of adult-led and child led play children make progress in each of these key areas of learning and development;

⦁    Personal, social and emotional development                                                                    
⦁    and language                                                                                       
⦁    Literacy
⦁    Numeracy
⦁    Knowledge & understanding of the World
⦁    Physical development
⦁    Creative development

We support children in their learning through careful observations, adult led sessions, informal assessments and listening to information from parents/carers. We encourage children to use the 3 characteristics of effective learning, which are:

⦁    Playing and exploring                                                 
⦁    Active learning
⦁    Creating and thinking critically                                                     

The early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) applies to children from birth to the end of the reception year. At Oasis Henderson Avenue children join the Nursery class in the year that they turn 4 and the reception class in the year that they turn 5. We work in partnership with parents and carers to ensure that together we keep children healthy and safe.

The EYFS is built upon these key principles:
⦁    A unique child- developing resilient and confident children
⦁    Positive relationships-with each other and with key adults in school
⦁    Enabling environments-creating an exciting learning environment indoors and outdoors so that children can flourish
⦁    Learning and developing-all children learn in different ways and we will support children in their next steps in learning and celebrate achievements

All children are valued and treated as individuals at Oasis Henderson Avenue. We aim to ensure that all children have equal access to all provision. We support children to achieve the best that they can, taking into account their individual needs. We identify and monitor any educational or disability need (SEND) at the earliest opportunity to enable staff to support children to achieve their potential. Please see our SEND section on the website.
We meet the needs of all children through
⦁    using a wide range of teaching strategies
⦁    regular staff training and development
⦁    observing children and planning next steps
⦁    motivating and rewarding children at every opportunity
⦁    ensuring high quality resources are available and offering daily outdoor play
⦁    making learning fun and challenging, monitoring children’s progress carefully and providing early support
⦁    extending all children at every opportunity
⦁    teaching the children, the skills they need to interact with their peers and manage their own behaviour
⦁    Focussing on key literacy and numeracy skills                            
⦁    Focussing on language development 


It is important to all staff and families that their children are kept safe. We educate children on boundaries and expectations in and out of school. Children are encouraged to be independent and make their own decisions based on their knowledge and to ask for support when needed. We aim to raise self-esteem and confidence through quality circle time sessions and also to teach PSHE skills as an important part of our curriculum. At Oasis Henderson Avenue we understand that we need to comply with welfare requirements within the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage. We understand that we must;
⦁    Promote the welfare and safeguarding of children 
⦁    Promote good health, preventing the spread of infection and taking appropriate action when children are ill
⦁    Manage behaviour effectively in an age appropriate way
⦁    Ensure all adults working within EYFS are suitable to work with children
⦁    Ensure that environments are safe and fit for purpose
⦁    Challenge all children and make learning fun
⦁    Maintain records, policies and procedures for the safe and efficient management of the setting including the administration of medicines
⦁    Also staff working within EYFS refer to the Statutory Framework for EYFS for guidance

Health and Safety

⦁    Staff to report any health & safety concerns to site staff and to Miss Ward immediately
⦁    Regular health & safety checks carried out
⦁    Classrooms kept tidy and well organised
⦁    Whole school medicine and accident policy adhered to
⦁    Fresh water available at all times
⦁    Free fruit available daily
⦁    First aid boxes in each classroom
⦁    Several staff members in EYFS have up to date training
⦁    Daily teeth cleaning in school and visits to school by the team teeth dentist

Parent partnerships 

⦁    Welcome talk by Foundation Stage leader
⦁    Home visits for all Nursery children
⦁    1:1 visits offered to all parents whose children are starting in reception and are new to our school
⦁    Open door policy
⦁    Home link homework book
⦁    Parents knowledge of own child valued
⦁    Parents evenings in autumn and spring term
⦁    Report sent home in the summer term
⦁    Stay and share sessions weekly
⦁    Information shared on phonics, reading and maths regularly
⦁    Regular newsletters 

Spring Term 2018 Miss L Brown (Foundation Stage leader)