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Modern Foreign Languages

MFL Curriculum Content

When children move into Key Stage 2 there is a requirement for them to learn a modern foreign language. Here at Oasis Academy Henderson Avenue we teach our children French.

  • The commercial scheme we follow is La Jolie Ronde, supplemented with video clips showing everyday life for French children and their families, filmed in northern France, which give our children a better understanding of the language and the culture. In addition we use a number of practical resources such as flashcards, games, books, and french artefacts to provide variety and fun in French lessons.
  • Children are taught to speak, read and write French. In addition, the grammar content in French lessons helps to embed and further develop our children’s grammatical understanding in English.
  • Children learning a new language need lots of opportunities for practice and reinforcement. During lessons children are given opportunities for role play and to play games to practise and consolidate their learning. There is an emphasis on teaching children to speak French fluently, starting with simple words and phrases in Year 3 and building up to longer conversations in Year 6.
  • Learning a modern foreign language from Year 3 provides children with a good foundation which will be developed when they move onto secondary school. During primary school children are more receptive to new sounds, which become familiar very quickly. They quickly become confident and at ease with the foreign language. For these reasons, lessons also contain lots of stories, action chants, songs and games to help them to absorb the language, just as they did when they learnt their mother tongue.