Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Literacy and Phonics


At Henderson Avenue, we view writing as an essential aspect of communication. We understand the importance of writing and we believe all our children can become proficient and creative writers. Through the early sentence work of 'Read Write Inc’, children are taught the skills to read and to use the building blocks of writing, efficiently and independently. As learning progresses, children experience the Literacy and Language programme, allowing them access to a range of high-quality texts, and in turn grow as critical peers, evaluating writing and drawing influence from the exciting language they encounter. In addition, our wide-ranging topic curriculum gives children the opportunities to write across different genres and for different purposes. Budding Journalists in Year 6, Daring Knights in Year 2 and Persuasive Egyptian Travel Writers in Year 3, to name but a few, are all ways that children are encouraged to showcase their writing skills. There are also several extra-curricular opportunities in school for children to further develop their writing – newspaper clubs run weekly as well as a peer-writing club, where children have the opportunity to participate in competitions and writing festivals.

At Henderson Avenue, we believe reading and writing go ‘hand in hand’; enthusiastic readers will support and encourage equally enthusiastic writers – our children have access to an extensive range of reading materials, which through high quality teaching, enable them to become proficient and passionate readers.


The teaching of reading is embedded within our curriculum through daily guided reading sessions, which are delivered across the Academy from Years 1-6. Within these sessions children have access to a range of reading activities which expose them to the core elements of reading both independently and teacher led. These sessions not only support children in their development of reading but also encourage them to become lifelong readers, with a passion for the subject. Our fantastic new online Bug Club resource allows children access to an extensive and exciting range of fiction and non-fiction ebooks both at home and at school. In addition, our well-resourced library also has a range of good quality reading material which includes a variety of both fiction and non-fiction texts for all ages. Each year group has an allotted time within which they can explore the books, enjoy reading and have the opportunity to take their reading home with them

Speaking and Listening

The ability to communicate is one of the most important skills our young people will need as they enter the workplace in future years. We aim to develop in our children the ability to express themselves clearly in conversation. This may involve asking or responding to questions and instruction with relevance and confidence, conveying messages accurately, expressing and justifying opinions and commenting constructively in discussion and also relating real or imaginary events to a variety of audiences (another child, a group of children, the class, whole school and adults). We encourage children to develop a ‘writing voice’ and demonstrate how improving their speech improves their writing. We stress the importance of listening skills, with the role of the listener being as important as that of the speaker. We expect children to become effective listeners, listening attentively and with increased concentration.

At Oasis Academy Henderson Avenue, we expect our children to:

  • Practise their spellings (issued by class teachers weekly)
  • Read up to 5 times per week, using either Bug Club e-books or books from home or school
  • Work in Brain Builder books to be of a high standard