Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Literacy and Phonics

Reading and Phonics

Reading consists of two elements: word reading and comprehension. At Oasis Academy Henderson Avenue, we ensure that teaching focuses on developing both of these areas. For skilled word reading, a speedy recognition and pronunciation of printed words is essential. In all EYFS and Y1 classes we deliver the Read, Write Inc Phonics programme. This provides a structured and systematic approach to phonics teaching and is designed to create fluent readers, confident speakers and willing writers. 
Whole class reading lessons are delivered across the academy from Y2-6. Within these sessions children have access to a range of reading activities which expose them to the core elements of reading both teacher led and independently. These sessions support children in the development of their reading as well as encouraging children to become lifelong readers, with a passion for the subject. 
Reading skills are developed through engaging with a variety of high-quality books. Reading lessons ensure children are reading exciting and engaging texts and children are able to engage with poetry, fiction and non-fiction texts. In addition to this, children are taught the skills required to answer comprehension questions successfully. They are taught the specific skills required for reading e.g. inference, skimming & scanning; vocabulary and retrieving key facts. 
Children are encouraged to read at home four times a week, as well as in school, to encourage a passion for reading and to enhance their vocabulary. Every child in our academy has their own personalised log-in account for Bug Club, an online resource that gives them access to 100’s of ebooks to choose from. Follow the link below to log-in to their account

Reading at home with your child    Reading at home with your child



                               Julia Donaldson’s Top Tips for reading at home.

Watch these videos of Children’s Laureate Julia Donaldson talking about some simple and fun ways you can help your child with their reading at home. Guaranteed to make reading fun and help your child develop a love of reading

At Oasis Academy Henderson Avenue, we view writing as an essential aspect of communication. We understand the importance of writing and we believe all our children can become proficient and creative writers. Through the early sentence work of 'Read Write Inc’, children are taught the skills to read and to use these building blocks for writing, efficiently and independently. 
In KS1, children begin to develop the stamina to write narratives, real-life events, poetry and writing for different purposes. Children are given the opportunity to think about what they are going to write by planning or saying their sentences aloud first. Children are given the opportunity to re-read their work to check it makes sense and evaluate what they have written. In KS2 children are taught to plan, draft, evaluate and edit their writing by identifying the audience and purpose for writing; selecting the appropriate grammar and vocabulary and using the correct organisation and presentational devices to guide the reader.
All children have access to a range of high-quality texts, in which to link their writing and in turn grow as critical peers, evaluating writing and drawing influence from the exciting language they encounter. In addition, our wide-ranging topic curriculum gives children the opportunities to write across different genres and for different purposes. 
Spelling is an integral part of a child’s writing. In EYFS and Y1, spelling is taught within daily phonics sessions, learning about the rules of language and making connections between the sounds (phonemes) and the different written representations of that sound (graphemes). In all other year groups children are taught spelling rules based on groups of words, prefixes, suffixes, word classes and more are all taught. The No-Nonsense Spelling programme is used to embrace the knowledge of spell- ing conventions – patterns and rules; but integral to the teaching is the opportunity to promote the learning of spellings, including statutory words and common exception words for each year group. 
Weekly spellings will be sent home with your child so they have the opportunity to practise them before their weekly spelling test. 


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