Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Oasis Partner Country

Oasis South Africa

What we do in South Africa  

Oasis Academy Henderson Avenue are part of the Oasis Global Movement and we are partnered with Oasis South Africa.  The purpose of the partnership is to learn from one another, enrich our global learning experience and to support one another in becoming active, responsible global citizens. 

Oasis South Africa consists of locally-based groups each committed to empowering and serving the wider community in which it is based. Rather than being a 'development' NGO, Oasis South Africa sees itself as a membership-driven organisation, with members in each location working as change-agents to overcome the challenges they face through mutual support and by building on existing community assets.

Oasis South Africa's NGO activities are centred around the upliftment of young people through youth-led programmes. We firmly believe that young people have the capacity to take charge of transformation, within their own lives and the lives of those they encounter. Our model recognises the assets young people have and provides access to responsibilities serving as catalysts for empowerment, built on dignity and increased agency.

All Oasis change-agents whether within schools, on the sports field and in our community structures, are led, coordinated and operated by young people from the community. The strategy to engage young men and women is built on a value-based approach that is inclusive, longitudinal, asset-based and integrated.