Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Covid 19 Catch Up Plan

Oasis Academy Henderson Avenue Covid 19 Catch Up Premium Plan



Oasis Academy Henderson Avenue

Academic year


Total catch up premium amount


Number of pupils




Academy catch up funding allocations are calculated on a per pupil basis providing each academy with £80 per child from Reception to Y11. The funding is to designed to mitigate the effects of the unique and disruptive effects of the global pandemic.


As a Trust OCL has partnered nationally with Teach First to provide extra teachers across our academies as a response to Covid. Details of deployment, cost and intended impact must be included below. 


In order to fund the deployment of a teach first teacher at every academy, the catch-up funding was pooled. The costs of a teach first placement (at a discount of 33%) across 52 academies was deducted from the total funds allocated to OCL. The remaining funding was allocated on a pro rata tiered basis according to the size of each academy. The “total catch-up premium amount” referred to above is the amount received by the academy to fund their allocated teacher plus the residual amount of funding allocated pro-rata. 



Use of funds

Use of funds

EEF guidance – tailor to those selected

We have used preliminary assessments carried out in September 2020 to identify loss of learning as a result of the national lockdown in the spring/summer 2020 and to plan a range of support strategies to help our children recover this learning. We have used extra funding received to develop this ‘catch-up’ plan.  We have deployed additional teachers in Year 6 to support individual pupils and groups and to accelerate pupil progress.

We have deployed additional teachers and support staff in KS1 (Years 1 and 2) where children’s progress in phonics and reading has been negatively impacted due to lockdown. For these children we are employing a mix of whole class teaching with additional small group and 121 target groups delivered by teachers and additional adults.

We have rolled out PiXL tracking and intervention strategies across all years from Y2 – Y6, starting from diagnostic testing to identify specific areas of need and then applying linked PiXL interventions to address these.

To address the impact of lockdown on our youngest children’s social and emotional development, we have provided additional speech and language support and have also enrolled in the Nuffield Early Language Intervention programme and will use some of the funding to release staff to deliver these sessions in 2021.

Finally we are using online resources to provide children additional support for learning and have bought additional licences so that more children can access Lexia and Mathletics.

The EEF areas used:

Teaching and whole school strategies 

  • Supporting great teaching
  • Pupil assessment and feedback 
  • Transition support


Targeted approaches 

  • One to one and small group tuition 
  • Intervention programmes 
  • Extended school time


Wider strategies 

  • Supporting parent and carers 
  • Access to technology 
  • Summer support


Identified impact of lockdown


Area of need identified 

Outline of identified need as identified by the academy – evidence of need

Educational disadvantage following national school closure resulting in learning loss particularly evident in maths and grammatical elements of English in KS2 and phonics in KS1.

Low levels of engagement with home learning packs in over 50% families. Subsequent gaps in learning have become evident following early teacher assessments of learning levels in September and diagnostic testing in October. Reduction in required curriculum content during first half term to allow focus on core subjects (English, Maths, Computing, Science) along with PE and well-being activities, although other subjects used as context for learning.


Safeguarding and well being support needed for identified children and families.

Increase in safeguarding incidents during lockdown.  Pastoral and safeguarding team were proactive during lockdown period and implemented a recovery curriculum to support identified children on return to school in September until October half term. Pastoral team continue to provide outreach support for families as required.

EYFS speech and language support

Children in EYFS in particular have missed social development milestones, so autumn term focus has been on supporting communication, social and emotional learning, establishing routines and fine motor development.




Planned expenditure on the areas identified by EEF


Desired outcome

Chosen approach and anticipated cost

Impact (once reviewed)

Staff lead/owner

Review date

EYFS F2 Phonics catch-up

One to one and small group interventions 

Cost: £8209




Phonics Catch-up Y1:

44% on track Sept 20.

13 children currently not on track but should catch up with support = 61%

Need 18% more (14 children) to reach 80% target.

One to one and small group tuition.

Teacher release (2 days/week) 

Cost: £9505




Half termly

Phonics catch-up Y2:

13 ch below March level

73% currently on track – 3 children to boost to bring to 78% (2019-20 target 79%) 

Daily one to one interventions.

Cover for teacher release (mornings) to Oct: 

Cost: £7970





Catch up reading for pupils in Y3,4,5

20 additional Lexia licences purchased to target BAR/ SEND pupils

Cost: £1123




Targeted small group interventions in Y6 to ensure all children meet individual pupil targets – using PiXL diagnosis, tracking and intervention materials.

Additional teacher working 2 days/week.


Teach First trainee employed to release YG leader to support accurate teaching, diagnosis and targeting of individuals and groups of children

Cost: £20080




I21 reading support for BAR children in Y4, 5 and 6

Better Reading Partners (1:1 reading intervention) – training for teacher and TAs Oct 6th.  Delivery from Oct 6.

Cost: £4464


Pre- and post-teaching as part of day-to-day provision




Provide additional support for more able learners to practise and extend class-based learning at home

Mathletics for Y2,3,4 MAC

Cost of additional licences: £779




Address whole class misconceptions through accurate teacher assessment.

PiXL Autumn Transition Package Y2,3,4,5

And diagnostic assessments – Oct 2020



Oct 20

Ensure that children catch up in Maths through targeted interventions that are accurately allocated to groups and individuals to address gaps in diagnostic testing.

PiXL Autumn Transition Package diagnostic assessments (Oct) and therapies delivered from October in small group interventions using tailored therapies to address specific aspects of maths.

Pre and post teaching by class teachers and support staff.

Targeted after-school Maths Clubs in each YG where focus is on reinforcing weekly class teaching.




Maths/ Literacy basic skills programme for low SEN (4 children in each group from Y4 and Y5)

TA3 delivered 30 min programme (3 x weekly)

Focusing on 



Memory Skills








Covid-19 catch-up total

Covid catch up total



Actual cost of interventions



Cost to academy to add extra opportunity linked to need


Total position of funds – impact on academy budget (if any)